Would you like to make next year’s FilKONtario a success?

The FKO ConCom seeks new volunteers to help get ready for the convention, and at con.

Here’s your chance to:

  • Have more fun
  • See how the con is run
  • Get to know the folks on the inside better
  • Beef up your resume
  • Earn the undying gratitude of the ConCom
  • Be thanked in the program book and at the con

If you are friendly, personable, love music and are interested in fandom, read on for the skills and positions we’d like to fill.

A. In Between Cons

  1. Volunteer Coordinator: We could really use someone friendly and personable to do “volunteer wrangling” throughout the year in preparation for the in-person con in 2024. Contact us if you’d like to know more!

B. At the Con

  1. Please check back here for more information!

How to Apply

Fill out our Google Form.

Just tell us what you’d love to help with, what your availability is, what skills or experience you’d bring, and how to get in touch with you. There are a couple of specific things on the form, but we also welcome you to offer