Virtual Dealers Room and Other Filk Event Links

We’ll post links here to some of the dealers you have come to know and love from FKO, as well as Bandcamp pages for our performers.

Email us at filkontarioinfo [at] gmail [dot] com if you have something to add!

Music | Tom Smith (

Music | Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters (

Music | The Blibbering Humdingers (

Chris Conway (

The Arcana Project – The Demos | Cheshire Moon (

Music | The PDX Broadsides (

All Hail the Cake and Cheese | Jane Garthson (

Music | Phil Mills (

Music | The Faithful Sidekicks (

Music | Don Neill (

Music | Mikey Mason (

Lauren Oxford | Lauren Oxford (

Music | N├ęPALM Music (

Music | Carla Ulbrich (

Music | Rhiannon’s Lark (

Music | Madison Metricula Roberts (

Music | Summer Russell (

The Way of Beauty | Via Bella (

Music | Gary Ehrlich (

Jenny Selig (newukenewyork)

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