Urban Tapestry – 2011

was formed in 1993 when Allison Durno, Debbie Ridpath Ohi, and Jodi Krangle began performing together.  Individually they have been involved with various aspects of fandom long before UT, but as a group they have been helping to keep our far-flung trib together for nearly two decades.

Throughout filk fandom, people credit UT with bringing them into filk, and thank them for their ongoing encouragement.  Allison, Debbie, and Jodi share songs and knowledge, accompany others, give workshops, join in a circle, and are always nice to be around.  They are endlessly supportive of the filk community. They go out of their way to make newcomers feel welcome and encourage musicians of all types to perform their songs.  Together, they are true filk gardeners.

They have been excellent guests at countless conventions.  They always prepare for their concerts, and have often written new songs specifically for the convention they are attending. They arrive on time, are very visible to the con goers, participate to the fullest, and are happy, excited, uplifting, and joyous throughout.

They are outstanding performers.  In addition to the guitar, flute, and innumerable bits of hand percussion, they have developed the beautiful, complex harmonies that are their trademark.  They are also known for including zany schtick and props in their performances.  They have twice won Pegasus Awards for Best Performer, and they have been nominated for the Aurora Awards many times, and won in 2006 for Fan Achievement.  Allison, Debbie, and Jodi have given countless fans something to look forward to at conventions and much enjoyment at home through their recordings.

Some of their songs have become filk standards, such as “Starsoul” and “The Lady.”  The latter won a Best Song Pegasus.  They also wrote FilKONtario’s theme song.  They and their songs have been aired on Dr. Demento, CBC radio and Prairie Ceilidh. They have released a tape, “Castles and Skyscrapers”, and two CD’s, “Sushi and High Tea” and “Myths and Urban Legends.”  They also happily sing and play with others, and have backed many performers on filk CD’s.

But even more than their wonderful songs and extraordinary harmonies, they have brought joy and music to people on two continents.  They have developed marvellous relations with many other filkers, which is to say they happily participate in filk feuds.  It’s something of an honour to be lampooned by them!

Urban Tapestry has donated many special packages to the Interfilk auctions, and their collections of unique recordings and handcrafted goods always bring in significant contributions to the fund. They were among the earliest Interfilk Guests.

They have been a link to filk music for people who might otherwise never have heard of filk.  They truly feel there is a place for everyone in the filk community.

For these contributions to filk music and the filk community Urban Tapestry is inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame, this Second day of April two thousand eleven.

Photo credit: Walter Korynkiewicz