United Filkers of Ontario



We are a friendly, informal association of filkers living mostly in Southern Ontario, with occasional visitors from farther away.  If you are a filker “from away” planning a visit to the greater Toronto area, please get in touch as soon as you can and we will try to welcome you. Event details are distributed by e-mail, and you are requested to RSVP to the host. There is also a Facebook page for United Filkers of Ontario that you can ask to join and that has information about most of our events, but not all hosts use that page.

Upcoming events as of August 2020

Due to CORVID-19, all in-person events have been cancelled. Please stay connected with other filkers through virtual filkcons/weekends, online music circles and concerts. Most filk events are posted at filkstreams.org and friendsoffilk.org. And most are announced through Facebook groups such as Filker, F is for Filker, Festival of the Living Rooms and now Filk Bites, organized by some southern Ontario filkers.

The next Filk Bites will take place on September 5, 2020, noon – 7 pm EDT. Check the Filk Bites Facebook page or filkstreams.org or friendsoffilk.org on Saturday for the zoom link. Be sure to log in with a name that would be recognized in filk, or post on Filk Bites the name you will be using. Due to ZoomBombing, we can’t admit those with names like Admin or iPhone.

Making music with friends is good for our mental health! We don’t have to be socially distant, even while physically distant, given our international network of filk friends.

In the meantime, remember that filkers who earn a living through music are hurting financially. All in-person gigs have been cancelled, with also reduces their chances to sell CDs. If you can, please buy their music on Bandcamp or wherever they sell, and support those who have a Patreon account. Here’s an example: https://www.patreon.com/lesliehudsonmusic. Bandcamp has been running Friday specials where they give their share to a charity or forego their share so the artist gets the full amount paid.

Whether or not you can afford financial support, please promote and attend online filk concerts. It keeps performers’ spirits up to have a good audience and lots of comments. Do the same for your non-filk favourite musicians.

Please get in touch if you would like to host after restrictions ease. First date choice goes to Chris Clarke since his March HubFilk had to be cancelled. It’s desirable to have space for at least 14 people, including some guitars and drums, arranged roughly in a circle. While we try to have at least half of the circles in the GTA, locations in 2019 included Niagara Falls and Midland!

Join our Announcement List

Our list is an announcement-only list, about upcoming events or other items of interest to local filkers and potential filk visitors to southern Ontario.

The list is now at https://groups.io/g/UnitedFilkersofONtario. Please go there to ask to join. We tried to move everyone from the old Yahoo group but I think the invitations for some may have gone into spam. If that happened to you, please come back!

You may post to the list if you have information of general interest to filkers specifically in southern Ontario. It is moderated by Jane and Judith to keep traffic low.

About Us

We don’t have dues, and we don’t have anyone in charge.  Various regular attendees who step forward and ask for dates host the house filks with a volunteer who coordinates it all and makes sure you all hear about it.  Come sing and play with us!  Or listen – we love having an audience for our songs.  Bring acoustic instruments if you wish.

When we aren’t in lockdown, we hold house filks about once a month.  They usually run from about 2 to 10 p.m., with people dropping in when they can.  They include an order-in or potluck dinner.  Munchies and beverage contributions are always welcome.  Some of our locations are reachable by public transit and some are more difficult without a car.  Filkers with cars give rides when space permits.  Many of the host locations have pets so let us know if you are allergic, especially to cats.

The list is OCCASIONALLY used to forward information about other events that are deemed of general interest to local filkers.

Should you wish to contact anyone on this list, or let us know about your visit to the Toronto area (once travel and visiting resumes), please contact Jane:  jane at (replace with @ and remove spaces) garthsonleadership.ca.