Register Now!

Pre-register and save money! Pre-registrations let us know in advance how many people (at least at a minimum) to expect, which is useful in planning for the con-suite etc. We will accept cheques or money orders in either CDN or US dollars. Also, “For those who want to attend, and not living in Canada or the US, please contact Dave (fkoreg AT gmail DOT com) to make arrangements.

Payments must be received by April 17, 2020

The registration information itself can come by e-mail to the address above.

FilKONtario 30 Registration Form

and mail to:

FilKONtario Registration
c/o 708-30 Harrisford St.
Hamilton, ON
L8K 6M9


Badge Name if different
Expected Arrival Date __Fri.   __Sat.   __Sun.
Membership Type __  Adult ($80 CAN / $70 US until pre-reg ends)
__  Youth 13-17 ($53 CAN / $47 US pre-reg ends)
__  Child 6-12 ($40 CAN / $35 US pre-reg ends)
__  <6 Free
Banquet  __ $55 CAN / $50 US
Total  ______ $CAN or ______ $US
I would like to volunteer for:

Please make cheques payable to FilKONtario.


There is a small surcharge for PayPal because they charge for receiving payments. The surcharge is based on PayPal’s flat fee plus percentage of sale, so the amount depends on your total.

PAYPAL 2020 RATES UNTIL Pre-registration ends

Membership-1 $ 84.00 $ 74.00
Banquet-1 $ 58.00 $ 53.00
Both-1 $ 142.00 $ 127.00
Membership-2 $ 167.00 $ 146.00
Banquet-2 $ 115.00 $ 105.00
Both-2 $ 282.00 $ 251.00
If you have a child or youth membership to purchase, please add the following for each:
Membership-Child-1 $ 43.00 $ 38.00
Membership-Youth-1 $ 57.00 $ 50.00

PayPal to Dave (fkoreg AT gmail DOT com)

Non-Attending Supporting Rates

If you are not able to attend the convention this year but would like to support our con plus get a copy of the program book and this year’s FKO 30 Songbook pdf, a minimum amount of $10 would be much appreciated.