Penguin Song Contest Sign-up

The rules for the Penguin Song contest are:

  • The entry should have at least three verses and three refrains.  Bridges are optional, like tusks.
  • The entry should contain all the words in the list that will be released on Thursday.
  • Penguins MAY be harmed in the lyrics but we here at FKO are fond of penguins so whimsical penguin peril should be employed where possible.
  • Have fun and have at it. See you on Sunday.

Sign up below. If all the slots are filled put your name on the waiting list. If there is time left when all the entrants have done their songs, we will take as many from the waiting list as time permits.

Song lyrics should be emailed to peggiwl[at]gmail[dot]com.

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Waiting list

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