Peggi Warner-Lalonde & Ken Lalonde – 2022

Photo: Sally Headford

Joined the FilKONtario Con-Com in 1996 and have been involved with the convention and filk community ever since. They have each done terms as Con-chair and in addition they have also served on the Board of Directors for The Filk Society of Upper Canada.

Peggi has run FilKONtario’s Dealers room and Filk Bizarre for over twenty-five years. She has also been Co-Chair many times, and also served as President of the Board for several years. This in addition to holding many other organizational roles on the Committee and Board. She has also become known for encouraging and organizing filk tracks at other local events, gencons, and geek and anime conventions; including ConCept in Montreal and co-running the filk track at Anticipation, the Montreal WorldCon in 2009. She was also the editor and producer of the Canadian filkzine, Filking from C to C. Peggi is an outstanding vocalist who adores harmony, and is always available to help anyone in circle, performance, or recordings. She was the Interfilk guest at ConCertino in 2012 and has performed on many filk recording as both lead vocalist and backup. Peggi also has her own CD out,which includes some of her own work as she is also an excellent songwriter!

Ken is mostly known as being the reliable, ever-present sound guy for FilKONtario though he has also filled many many other positions on the Committee and Board. With Peggi’s support he took over the sound for the convention as USB Studios and has provided much of the equipment that is used at the convention. That equipment is often purchased for “himself” though done so with what FilKONtario required in mind and only used for FilKONtario, and very occasionally at local conventions and filk community events. In the position of sound engineer for the convention he has been instrumental in providing a level of sound support in FilKONtario’s main room that has enhanced the audio experience at the convention, especially in a sub genre that relies so strongly on both lyrics and music.

Together as USB Studios’ they have brought out over nine FilKONtario CD’s and one double CD for Chicon, the 2000 World Con, where Ken was also heavily involved with the sound engineering. This in addition to CD’s for several local filkers. Peggi and Ken have not only regularly hosted house filks, they have also opened their homes to many visiting filkers from all parts of the world. Peggi is a great “filk gardener” who is very supportive and encouraging with those new to the filk community as well as to shy or reluctant performers.

In 2020 and onwards, their involvement and support for the filk community became even more apparent. They both put so much time and effort into working with, and helping many online conventions and music events within our community. Ken often provided the hosting as well as giving freely of his own time in his infinitely patient and calm way, as he worked with performers to realise the best possible sound from so many different technical setups. Meanwhile, Peggi spent many hours hosting and moderating. They are also two thirds of Filk Bytes, a regular online filk circle.

They are great ambassadors of filk, warm, welcoming, and friendly that makes them a pleasure to be around in filk circles and elsewhere.

For these contributions to filk music and the filk community, Peggi Warner-Lalonde and Ken Lalonde are inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame this third day of April, 2022.