Message to Performers

Thanks to everyone for the amazing response to our FilKONtari-No virtual event coming up this weekend.

I am the Sound Tech member of ConCom and have tried to contact all of our performers by email to help them get set up for good quality audio on the zoom meeting platform. I have had responses from most participants already and am continuing to work with everyone involved to do short sound check zoom meetings with them if possible.

There are a few performers that I have not been able to reach or heard back from, so I would like to invite anyone that has NOT already talked to me to send me an email at filkontarioinfo[at]gmail[dot]com so we can connect and be prepared for the live event.

Thanks again and looking forward to a great time for all.

  • Ken Lalonde

FK-No Virtual mini-con

Hello to all of our filk friends and family from the FilKONtario Committee.

You may already be aware that we are having a virtual convention this weekend – April 24 to 26. We will be posting the schedule in a few days. It is going to be posted everywhere we can on social media and our website, so watch those spaces. Please spread the word.

This notice is to let you know that we have 15 minute slots available for sign up. These are available to anyone who wishes one, for as long as they remain unspoken for. 

We will be hosting the event using Zoom as the platform for all these concerts so they are not just open to people on social media and you will not need to set it up.

All slots have been signed for! See the tentative schedule.

We will post the concert schedule as soon as the performers that take up these slots are added to it.

If you miss out, we will be having open filk at the end of each days scheduled programming. We ask that those that have concerts understand that we will be giving those that didn’t, first dibs in the open filks.

Regards, and stay safe.

An Important Message From the FilKONtario ConCom

A message to our FilKONtario community from the FilKONtario 30 committee:

We know that it will come as no surprise to any of you to hear that we have decided that we have to cancel this year’s FKO.

While we may have been able to wait a while longer and see how things develop, we felt that it was our responsibility to make a decision and inform everyone sooner, rather than later, in the hopes that people are able to change their plans

We love our community, and deeply regret cancelling. However, we don’t feel that getting together at the height of a global pandemic, to sing in a closed environment, is in the best interests of that community. I’ll say no more on that point, as I am sure you are all as aware of the factors involved as we are.

We will have much to do over the next few weeks that are not the positive, get ready for the con things we normally do.

Dave Hayman will be getting in touch with paid members regarding memberships and/or banquets.

We as a convention will be cancelling the room block, so that should be taken care of for you.

We will miss you all and the music we make together.

Take care, and stay well

Sally Headford,