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Concerts! Concerts! Concerts!

FilKONtario is pleased to announce that the following performers will be featured on our stage with short concerts:

Cat Greenberg, Don Neill, Betsy Tinney, Via Bella, and Phil Mills.

The Filk Hall of Fame Banquet is full

Please do NOT send payment for the Hall of Fame Banquet. Other than a few tickets on reserve (and awaiting payment) the banquet is sold out.

Reserve tickets not paid by 1 April will be released for general sale. Don’t worry, the ever vigilant Dave will send reminders


We are at a new hotel this year in the same general location (airport area).

The Monte Carlo Brampton Suites, 45 Coventry Rd, Brampton, ON

Between us Peggi and I screened between 150 and 200 hotels (we lost count).  We had one big priority in finding a new location:  don’t change the date.  Most people I know don’t plan their life around events a year ahead.  We do.  You do.  And without our faithful filk family, FilKONtario would not exist and would not be the kind of con it is.  Those dates were going to stay the same.  You cannot know how many times one of us was asked “Do you have any flexibility with dates”. And, of course, it had to be within a reasonable reach of our budget without putting FKO out of business forever.

There is an airport shuttle.  There is a fridge and microwave in every room and free hotel wide WiFi. There is free parking. There is a restaurant.  There is a Continental breakfast, included in the room rate, of pastries and breads, the usual spreads, juices, fruit, tea and coffee. For $5 you can add eggs, bacon or sausage, and home fries.  There are alternate food places within a reasonable walk. There is a Walmart Supercentre directly across the street  — groceries, pharmacy and the usual stuff.  And, please note, the hotel put themselves out to secure our booking on our dates.  They are a tiny bit confused about people who stay up all night to *sing* but they are really nice.  Room rate is $109.90, which, in the Greater Toronto Area, is a steal.  The rooms are very nice.  The hotel block will be open in a matter of days.

Peggi says “It feels cosy” and I agree.

That being said, we are in a much smaller hotel.  No arena sized lobby.  The function space is smaller.  The con suite is smaller.  No pool (but there is an exercise room).  But, at this late date, we feel very lucky to get perfectly reasonable hotel at a very liveable price and without changing weekends.     So, there will be compromises and we get the thrill of whipping a new-to-us hotel into shape.

We’ll begin a search for a long-term home (because hotel shopping is painful) in the new year.

Judith & Peggi


Filk Hall of Fame Nominations

Nominations for 2018 have closed.

Who’s Coming?

Due to privacy concerns, we only display the first letter of the surname, plus given name, province or state or country, and whether or not you have reserved a banquet ticket.

Pre-Registration is open. The list of people Pre-Registered for FKO will be here.

If your name does not appear on this list, and you expect it should, then please contact Dave by e-mail to: (fkoreg AT gmail DOT com)


Wait, why is this on the news page?  We have interesting weather, and it can’t be predicted this far ahead. You can always check the forecast from The Weather Network . It’s in ºC but there is a button at the top of the page to change it to ºF.  We hoped that moving the con a few weeks later would give us better weather. But, after all, this is Canada.