Mark Peters – 2022

Photo: Roberta Slocumb

Mark Peters has been a member of the filk community since at least 1999. In addition to running sound at OVFF and at Marcon in Columbus Ohio, he is a member of the OVFF Concom, often providing a calm voice in a sea of chaos. Mark has a passion for filk, advocating for filkers and other performers who have may not be well known, or who were overlooked.
Under his recording label, Ivan House, he has donated limited release recordings to Interfilk to share the music. Mark maintained the Ohio Valley Filk List, for sharing information about house filks and other information in mid-west. He also took a more hands on approach to the Marcon Filk programming to help diversify the filk track.
Sound engineering is hard work, physically and mentally. Mark has helpers for the setup, tear down and stage hands, but during the concerts the sound engineer has to keep track of who’s coming up next, what instruments and voices will be performing, how to move the sound gear from one performer to the next, plus trouble-shooting when something goes wrong – because in these larger concerts, there is no performance without the sound system.
In filk, words are important, and Mark always makes sure that the instruments and voices are balanced so that the words can be heard in all parts of a room. Basically, without sound engineers like Mark, the concert programming at many conventions would have died out years ago because people simply would not be able to hear the words or music clearly.
As filk performances have moved from the traditional hotel hallways and house song circles, sound engineers like Mark, and others like him, have had a profound influence on the way we can hear filk music in larger concert presentations – presented professionally, with good balance and clear words. He is deeply appreciated for his professionalism, his excellent ear, and, above all, his patience and calm when time is running short or there’s some sort of technical glitch.
For these contributions to filk music and the filk community, Mark Peters is inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame this third day of April, two thousand twenty two.