Kathy Mar – 1996


Kathy Mar has been active in filking since the early 80’s. While one of the most widely known members of the community, she insists, always, that she is “just another filker”.

Kathy is the writer of numerous well-loved filk songs that are widely performed by many of us today. Kathy has also given us much listening pleasure through her many recordings.

With a clear and strong soprano voice and a unique guitar technique, Kathy is a distinctive and polished performer. Moreover she is well known for generously sharing her time with any musician interested in learning how to improve. She has given many an impromptu lesson in vocal technique or guitar work or songwriting, and is extraordinarily approachable.

She constantly promotes new and upcoming filkers, by giving encouragement, by requesting harmonies and accompaniments from performers, and by performing the songs of other filkers.

She is active and innovative in the promotion of filk, both in and out of the fan community. With Lindy Sears, she devised “The Dandelion Conspiracy”, an informal movement to give filk greater acceptance. The conspiracy’s dandelion logo has become the unofficial symbol of the filk community, and she generously allowed its use by the Hall of Fame, while also giving some excellent advice.

For these contributions to filk music and the filk community, Kathy Mar is inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame, this Twentieth day of April, Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-six.

Photo credit: Tom Jeffers