Bob Kanefsky – 2003

is an expert parodist, with a witty mind, and a rapid pen. His twisted sense of humour and ability to warp any lyric to his purpose has made him a legend. His originality, and his attention to detail in things like matching the original rhyme scheme are unparalleled. Kanef is filk’s “parodist extraordinaire.” His works have become the standard by which all other parodies are judged. His name has even become a verb within filking; to be “kanefed” means you have been parodied by The Master. Filkers have come to both love and fear the man. Spend days, weeks, months writing a serious song on a sensitive subject, and Bob will turn it inside-out in a trice. To be parodied by Kanef means you have “arrived” as a filk songwriter.

His work is published in the extensive Songworm Collections, and the Tapeworm and Roundworm recordings. Those he parodies are willing victims in performing his parodies of their material.

He is the quintessential filker, though he doesn’t perform his own material or even play an instrument. However, he is a talented storyteller, keeping a straight face while his audience dissolves into hysterics. He is also a filk organizer and benefactor. He has hosted many filksings at the clubhouse of the condo where he lives. He has contributed Frequent Flyer miles, funds, and space in his hotel room to bring to Consonance filkers who would otherwise be unable to attend, activities in which he prefers to be anonymous. He is always happy to participate in children’s programming, with lessons in bubble-blowing or Mars rover simulation.

For these contributions to filk music and the filk community, Bob Kanefsky is inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame this twenty-ninth day of March, two thousand and three.