John and Mary Creasey – 2021

John and Mary Creasey first discovered filk back in 1984, at the WorldCon in Anaheim; their involvement has increased exponentially since that time.

In 1989, realizing that there were too few sources for purchasing filk recordings, etc., they began Random Factors, to give the buying public another option. Eventually, they became the official representatives of Leslie Fish’s musical interests, and have produced recordings of her music: including “Our Fathers of Old”. They have also produced six albums for Joe Bethancourt, and one album featuring both, “Serious Steel”. They have also re‑introduced long out‑of‑print recordings to both old fans and a new generation of filkers.

As dealers, both at cons and through mail order, they have sold filk recordings to every corner and continent of the world. Uncounted numbers of people have no doubt bought their first filk tape (yes tape) or CD from the Creaseys.

As fans and filkers, John and Mary have been fixtures at California Gencons and FilkCons, and frequent participants in ConChord’s “Totally Tasteless and Tacky Review. Genuinely nice folks, they are encouraging to newcomers, and fun to chat with.

Although John sadly passed away in 2018, after being in care for nearly three years before that, Mary is still very active in the filk community, and takes a turn hosting house-filks in the Los Angeles area. She still attends LosCon, and Consonance with her 12-string guitar in tow. The Creaseys are actually such an integral part of the filk community that their son Richard held his wedding at ConChord.

For these contributions to filk music and the filk community, John and Mary Creasey are inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame this eleventh day of April two thousand twenty-one.