Hotel & Directions


The hotel for 2018 is the Monte Carlo Inn Brampton Suites

So, when in doubt, ask the organized sales person.  So, go to the link below.  Because I’m paranoid, check to make sure it  has “Brampton Suites”  top right and that is has the correct address in the info box at right.  Address must be Coventry Rd.     Pick your dates and number of people.  There is an added charge over three, so you might need to do that by phone.  Go to the bottom of the page.  Under “Special Accounts” there is “Group Code”  in the box to the right, enter  294509.  To the right is the PIN; enter 0418.  Click “Check availability and rates”.  Pick your room type, the number of nights and your personal information (and credit card)..  It took less time to do this than it did to explain it!  The room rate is $109.90 CAD.