FKO-TLY Guests

Stone Dragons

The Stone Dragons flew down from their rocky weyr, here  in Toronto, 12 years ago and  have performed as musical guests across the U.S., Canada, Germany and England where they won a prestigious Sam Award. Their music burns with a bright flame and scales many science, fantasy, geek and gaming themes with a serious and sometimes humorous side. They strive to make their music exciting and different encompassing East Indian, folk, rock, blues, bluegrass and Celtic styles. The Stone Dragons are extremely excited and proud to be selected as Guest of Honour for the 2020 Filk Ontario Convention and look forward to a weekend of fun, music and friends.  Check out their “Dream of Flying” CD and website at

Vanessa Cardui

Vanessa Cardui began performing regularly as a solo folk/roots/neo-Celtic artist in the months leading up to the release of her debut solo album, Thought Experiment (November 2011). Thought Experiment is an all-original, intimate album with edgy emotional content.

Since “going solo”, she has performed a wide variety of shows and collaborated with a number of accomplished musicians to transplant the depth and complexity of her recordings to the stage. Some notable performances include Sage Theatre’s IGNITE! Festival (2011), Pride Calgary (2012), Pure Speculation Festival (2012), When Words Collide (2012), celebrated local artist Sora’s Scorpion Moon CD release (February 2013), and the collaborative, semi-theatrical Fates concert series (February 2010 and April 2011).

Official FKO Filk Waif: W. Randy Hoffman

Randy is the driving force that makes filk a strong part of Confluence. He doesn’t play an instrument but is a prolific writer of literate filk music and rarely misses a song contest! Randy has a great reputation as both a filk gardener and as a gateway drug for musicians in related genres to come to the filk side. For those in the music community who have never had the opportunity to meet Randy, you are in for a treat.