GoH Miniature Paint and Take Workshop

This year we are offering a new crafting workshop. Sue and Tom want to share their love of DnD, gaming and painting miniatures by offering us a one-and-a-half hour workshop on painting miniatures. They will bring in all the equipment necessary, and you will get to take your mini home to put in a place of honour.

This is something that almost everyone can enjoy and just requires a bit of eye/hand coordination. Bring your own magnifying glasses if you use them. Some of you are already experienced painters, and your insight and help are most welcome. Kids are welcome too!

Here are some samples of the miniatures we hope to provide. (You could also bring your own.) These are pictures from the manufacturer, and are exceptionally well done!

Please let us know if you would like to join us, so we can have adequate supplies. If you later decide that sleep is more important when you are actually at the con, we will surely understand!

There is no charge for this event but there will be a tip jar in case you had a great time. Also, as usual, we may have to cap attendance due to the size of the room, if there is a great response.

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