FilKONtari-no Schedule and Zoom information

If you just wish to watch, you can also see FK-no on YouTube at:

Thus saving all the Zoom stuff. Live streams are available during the concerts and you can view any you missed once they are posted.

Hello filkers – we have been working hard to put together an program to give us all a taste of what we are missing this weekend. Not the same without the hugs and group singing, but it is still lovely to see and hear you.

Download the schedule and notes as a PDF.

Procedural notes: The Zoom ID and Password for each day will be posted on the FKO website and the FilKONtari-no and FKO pages of Facebook. If you prefer not to use Zoom, we will be streaming as much as possible to the FKO YouTube Channel FilKONtarioLIVE and the FilKONtari-no FB page. That part is dependent on permissions from performers. We will also try to record as much as possible and post links later on the website. If you do NOT want to be recorded, or streamed, please let us know via email to webster[at]filkontario[dot]ca. Thank you.
Once you have the login information please do NOT spread it around unless you are sure the person you are sending to is in fact a member of our community. DO NOT post it online, especially on Reddit. Zoombombing is a major issue these days and we would really rather not have our con destroyed by jerks yelling obscenities! If you are inviting someone who is not known to the ConCom please email to the webster address above and state the name and how they are connected. We will be using a waiting room and each person on the meeting will be admitted by one of the moderators. If we can’t verify your connection to the community you will not be admitted.

Zoom notes: you can download the app in advance, and then use the ID and password to join the meeting or use the link on the schedule page. You may wish to do so a little bit in advance of whatever concert you are tuning in for, as it can take a few minutes to admit everyone through the waiting room. There is also a chat box there where you can message everyone online or just one person. Click on the chat icon -> 
 to get the chat screen open.
You will initially be muted, and for the majority of the time the host will keep everyone muted except he person who is speaking/performing.
It is very important for participants that plan to perform to have reliable internet access, preferably on a wired Ethernet connection rather than wi-fi or phone data. We also recommend having a quality microphone device connected to your device using an audio interface if possible. Some computers, particularly newer Apple brand, seem to have good quality built-in microphones.
Open filk: If you click the participants button on the bottom of the screen -> it will open a window on the right, which will list participants, and will allow you to click the blue “Raise hand” icon at the bottom of the participants list to indicate that you wish to perform. Please wait until everyone has had a chance before re-raising your hand for a second turn. The host will unmute you but they can’t if you muted locally so check the microphone icon at the bottom left and make sure you are really unmuted.

Zoom settings: After a few experiments we suggest that you:
Click in the upper right of the screen to put it on speaker view, so you have a better view of the person actually/speaking/singing. You should see the performer filling most of the Zoom window with a row of small images of other attendees along the top.
Audio settings – go to bottom left corner and click on the up arrow beside the microphone icon. On the menu that appears choose the mic that will give you the best sound for your setup and adjust as desired – not super loud, please – and select a speaker that you can hear. There is a “Test Speaker and Microphone” item so you can make sure all is well.
On that same menu, select Audio Settings. We have had best results with UNCHECKING the automatic adjust volume. This will ensure that sounds in your house, or outside, or you moving a bit, will not overwhelm you voice. Also save yourself some clicks later by checking the “Join audio by computer…” box and the ‘Mute microphone when joining..” Box.
Click on the advance button, bottom left of the Audio settings, click on it and check the first box for “Show in-meeting option…”, and set the two boxes that Suppress Background Noise to disable.
Go back to the main screen – top left corner there should be a button that says “turn on original sound”. Click it so that it reads “Turn OFF original sound”.

This may seem a bit overwhelming – just do the best you can and if you are performing we will do a very quick sound check first to make sure you are coming through OK.

And finally , we would ask that you be kind and patient with the concom and your fellow filkers – this is very new to most of us and we are all doing our best. There will be glitches and things may run a bit late at times, but all that happens in a face to face con anyway, at least occasionally. It will be good to see and hear each other and we look forward to seeing and hearing as many as possible of you!

We will post the Zoom links here as we set up the Zoom sessions. Please share only with known filkers and don’t post them.

All times are Eastern Daylight Time

Friday Schedule
3:00 Opening – T.J. Burnside Clapp will sing Lullaby for a Weary World and  Kathleen will sing Take It Back
3:15 Kristoph Klover
3:30 Decadent Dave Clement
3:45 Cheshire Moon
4:00 Annie Griffith
4:30 Brett Glass
4:45 Grace Kendall
5:00 Alyssa Yeager (Rhiannon’s Lark)
5:30 Don Neill
6:00 Open filk on Zoom Hosted by Judith Hayman.
Saturday Schedule
12:00 Karl-Johan Norén
12:30 Ju Honisch reading from her book Obsidian Secrets


1:00 Billy Maaß/CJ Ueberall
1:30 Sib Machat
2:00 Stone Dragons Concert
2:30 Matt Leger
3:00 Talis Kimberley
3:30 Bill Laubenheimer
3:45 Gary Erlich
4:00 Blibbering Humdingers Concert
4:30 gundo
4:45 Kari Maaren
5:00 PDX Broadsides Concert
5:30 Faithful Sidekicks Concert
6:00 Open filk on Zoom: Hosted by Jane Garthson



It’s an image so it won’t click but that cuts down on zoom idiocy.


Hall of Fame Inductions and a couple of songs/performances from each of this years Inductees


Via Bella


Jane Garthson


Valerie Housden


Luke Bretscher


John McDaid


Cecilia Eng


Valerie Housden will do Sam’s Song and we will have a closing video of Urban Tapestry doing Bring Me Home to Filk Ontario


(or after closing)

Open Filk – Dead Penguin: Hosted by Morva and Alan

Note: Join us here on Zoom. This session will NOT be streamed on YouTube or Facebook.