Filk Hall of Fame

Filk Hall of Fame is an award for lifetime (and ongoing) achievement within the Filk Community presented each year at FilKONtario.  As of 2021 there have been 79 inductees since it began in 1995.

A Short History

Inductees by Name or Year

This Is My Tribe Sally and Barry Childs-Helton’s acceptance speech from 2003

Take It Back Kathleen Sloan’s iconic song about filk. Sung by the attendees at each FKO.

How to Nominate

The Filk Hall of Fame Inductees are chosen by a jury of filkers from all over the world. The Jury for the 2022 inductions is:

FilkC-ON-tinental 2020 (Germany) Kirstin Tanger (2)
OVFF (Columbus area) Mark Peters (2)
Conflikt (Seattle area) Sunnie Larson
GAFilk (Atlanta area) Rob Wynne
British Marilisa Valtazanou
Consonance (California) Diana Koivunen
DFDF (Germany) Steve Macdonald (1)
(N/E) Merav Hoffman
FilKONtario (Toronto area) Judith Hayman (3)
New “at large” Randy Hoffman
New “at large” Blind Lemming Chiffon
(1) Spokesperson for Concom
(2) Spokesperson for group of Concom members
(3) Spokesperson for Concom (excludes FHoF Administrator)