Filk Society of Upper Canada

The Filk Society is an incorporated nonprofit formed by the organizers of FilKONtario, to formalize and legalize the convention, and to provide structure and financial accountability. Most of the information here is fairly serious.


Annual General Meeting – tba


President: Peggi Warner-Lalonde
Vice President: Ken Lalonde
Treasurer: Judith Hayman
Secretary: Dave Hayman


Filk thrives in many forms through active and diverse participants, plus strong local communities linked by technology, friendship and easy access to filk music.

Guiding Values and Principles

We recognize the right of all people to “take back the right to sing and play”.

We celebrate the accomplishments of filkers and the filk community.

We encourage and mentor filkers to aspire to grow their ability to participate in filk circles, and to reach broader audiences if they choose to try.

We respect the courage required to try out new skills and introduce new music, of all styles, relating to science fiction, fantasy, science, supernatural, spiritual and more.

We value listeners, performers and supporters in filking, and respect the participation choices of each member of the circle.

We shall operate in an open and democratic manner with accountability to members.

We accept the increasing importance of the environment and the need to provide environmentally-friendly filk opportunities.

We promote a true understanding of filk, and opportunities to enjoy it, to mainstream audiences as well as within fandom.

We treat other genres and activities within fandom with respect and courtesy and expect respect and courtesy for filk in return.


The Filk Society of Upper Canada promotes and supports filk in Ontario with global linkages and influence so any music lover can choose filk as a creative outlet, a source of joy and friendship, a place to develop skills and a social activity.