COVID-19 Policy update

When we first set our COVID-19 policy last year, we had planned to ask for proof of vaccination.

It has come to our attention that some folks, due to policy changes at various levels of government, can no longer readily provide proof of vaccination. It is our strongest hope that everyone who attends, who is eligible for vaccination, is vaccinated for the safety of all. However, we will not be checking this during the registration process.

Our masking policy remains in place and will be enforced. We will have some extra masks at registration for those who need one.

Thank you,

The FilKONtario Concom

COVID-19 masking policy

FilKONtario’s masking policy from 2022 will remain in place. Attendees in any of our function spaces will need to wear a mask. Masks may be removed while performing on stage or in a filk circle but should go back on when finished.

We will have plenty of hand sanitizer on hand, and we will be using Corsi-Rosenthal boxes in our function spaces.

We’re aware that not everyone agrees about the best COVID safety practices, but we’ve decided to err on the side of caution. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



FKO updates: Filk Bizarre, Interfilk Auction

Filk Bizarre

We’re trying out something a little different this year: we will have two tables set up just outside the main programming room, dedicated to sales. If you would like to sell CDs, crafts, jewelry, etc., you can sign up for a block of time (the length of time will depend on how much interest there is and how much table space you will need.)

The tables are 6′ x 4′.

Please email filkontarioinfo (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested.

As soon as we have a schedule, we will post it online and outside the main room.

Interfilk auction

There will be an Interfilk auction (benefits Interfilk) and some items may be designated to benefit FKO as part of that auction. If you want to earmark items for FKO, please make sure to speak to the person staffing the Interfilk table.

2024 workshops

The Blibbering Humdingers: English Country Dance

Scott & Kirsten will teach some simple English Country Dances which were popular in both England and English colonies from the late 16th well into the late 18th century. These are choreographed folk dances. If you can tell right from left and count to 8, you can do these. No previous experience necessary.

Phil Mills: Parody workshop

People who don’t write — or don’t write much — often ask where ideas come from.  With parodies, there are sources that don’t exist for songs written on a blank sheet. This conversation explores different entry points to an effective parody.

Eli Bar-Yahalom: THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF XENOFOLKLORE or How Filk Will Spice Up Your Campaign

Role-playing is the best hobby in the world except for filking. Combine them both to create a world-turning, unspeakably flabbergasting and totally unforgettable experience!

Clif Flynt: Lyric writing presentation

Details coming soon!

FilKONtari-NO Schedule for Friday, March 24

Good morning! An email update went out earlier this morning containing the Zoom links. They are also posted in the FilKONtari-NO Facebook group. Today, the Hyperactive Penguin filk circle will begin at 2:30 PM EDT. The first concert is Mike Whitaker at 3:30 PM EDT.

The rest of Friday’s schedule is as follows:
4 PM: Naomi Hinchen
4:30 PM: Rhiannon’s Lark
5 PM: Mikey Mason
5:30: Dinner Break
6:25 PM: Brief “opening ceremonies” and announcements
6:30 PM: Beth Kinderman
7 PM: Toronto filkers concert (Tom & Sue Jeffers, Jane Garthson, Phil Mills)
8 PM: Open filk

A link to a google document with Friday’s Zoom is posted in the comments of the FilKONtari-NO facebook post. Feel free to share privately with friends, but please don’t post them publicly. Thank you!