FKO updates: Filk Bizarre, Interfilk Auction

Filk Bizarre

We’re trying out something a little different this year: we will have two tables set up just outside the main programming room, dedicated to sales. If you would like to sell CDs, crafts, jewelry, etc., you can sign up for a block of time (the length of time will depend on how much interest there is and how much table space you will need.)

The tables are 6′ x 4′.

Please email filkontarioinfo (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested.

As soon as we have a schedule, we will post it online and outside the main room.

Interfilk auction

There will be an Interfilk auction (benefits Interfilk) and some items may be designated to benefit FKO as part of that auction. If you want to earmark items for FKO, please make sure to speak to the person staffing the Interfilk table.