2024 workshops

The Blibbering Humdingers: English Country Dance

Scott & Kirsten will teach some simple English Country Dances which were popular in both England and English colonies from the late 16th well into the late 18th century. These are choreographed folk dances. If you can tell right from left and count to 8, you can do these. No previous experience necessary.

Phil Mills: Parody workshop

People who don’t write — or don’t write much — often ask where ideas come from.  With parodies, there are sources that don’t exist for songs written on a blank sheet. This conversation explores different entry points to an effective parody.

Eli Bar-Yahalom: THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF XENOFOLKLORE or How Filk Will Spice Up Your Campaign

Role-playing is the best hobby in the world except for filking. Combine them both to create a world-turning, unspeakably flabbergasting and totally unforgettable experience!

Clif Flynt: Lyric writing presentation

Details coming soon!