FilKONtari-NO 2 Update 2

Hi everyone from FK-NO, the FK-NO Committee hope you are all well and staying safe!

We know that we recently sent out a PR, but we feel you need to know that things have changed for the planning of FK-NO over the last few week.

After we put out our last message, we were contacted by Marc Grossman on behalf of HELIOsphere. Their convention is scheduled for the same weekend. and they were in the process of putting together an entire filk track with its own zoom session alongside their general track… Oops!

We are almost a month out, and we both had people lined up. Although they have offered to move to the following weekend, we have decided to collaborate, and merge their filk track with ours.

Please bear with us, as we know that some things may have to change, or be dropped. Each convention will present their own performers under the conditions with which they were originally approached, as we feel that it is very important to respect each groups autonomy even as we are working together.

Over the next few weeks we may be going back to people we have contacted for a concert, to confirm if they are able to take part at their suggested time, or, if needed, ask if they can move to another time slot. As both conventions are attempting to bring in lots of interesting folks from around the globe we hope it will be as interesting to listen to, as it is to accomplish!

The entire filk program will be published on our website and Facebook pages, together with HELIOsphere’s general programming.

Please wish us luck in figuring this out, because if we do, we feel it will end up being an outstanding event!

As always, we will still be hosting The Hall of Fame on Sunday afternoon.

We are including the message Liz Crefin, HELIOsphere’s chair is sending out with our own.

Please note: If you think you may wish to attend any of the HELIOsphere programming, please go to HELIOsphere’s website at to register at no cost. Please remember that while we may know who you are, they might not.

Also note that FK-NO is NOT intending to have a registration at this time.

With regards from the FK-NO and HELIOsphere committees.

Sally Headford, FK-NO

— A message from the Heliosphere ConCom —-

We are happy to announce that 2 virtual conventions have decided to join forces.

FilKONtario, which runs the virtual FK-NO, and HELIOsphere, which runs the virtual Beyond the Corona(BTC), will be running a joint schedule April 9-11, 2021.

After finding ourselves on the same weekend, we are happy that we are able to offer our attendees an expanded program.

Registering for either convention gives you access to the programming available on both. Registration is free and you can register on either site. FK-NO will be running the filk portion of the program with help from Marc Grossman of HELIOsphere. BTC will be running a primarily fantasy and sci-fi program.

Schedule links will be sent out to all registered participants. For more information please see our websites,  HELIOsphere and

Sally Headford, Chair, FK-NO and Liz Crefin, Chair, BTC

Liz Crefin, Chair, Catelynn Cunningham, Vice-Chair
HELIOsphere 2022
April 8-10, 2022