FilKONtari-NO 2

On behalf of the FKO committee,

It will come as no surprise to any of you that we have decided to go virtual again for this year’s FilKONtario. Indeed, we expect this to continue until we are sure we are able to hold another live convention safely. Hopefully in 2022!

Please note: we are looking at changing the dates for FilKONtari-NO 2 from March 19 – 21, we will let you know as soon as we are sure.

Last year’s virtual con was a stopgap measure that, at the time, we considered a blip and not an actual FKO. Now we are working on FilKONtari-NO  2 and are hoping to bring you a hybrid of what was planned for FKO 30, and what was in the pipeline for FKO 31. Or maybe we’ll come up with something else entirely!

We will start planning in the new year, and shall see what the fertile minds of the FKO committee can come up with.

We have a Facebook group called FilKONtari-NO, which all members of our community are invited to join. We will be posting information there, on the FilKONtario Facebook page and the FKO website…. as well as on other social media.

We will update as things are decided, so keep an eye on those sources as we start putting things together and have information and programming to share.