FK-No Virtual mini-con

Hello to all of our filk friends and family from the FilKONtario Committee.

You may already be aware that we are having a virtual convention this weekend – April 24 to 26. We will be posting the schedule in a few days. It is going to be posted everywhere we can on social media and our website, so watch those spaces. Please spread the word.

This notice is to let you know that we have 15 minute slots available for sign up. These are available to anyone who wishes one, for as long as they remain unspoken for. 

We will be hosting the event using Zoom as the platform for all these concerts so they are not just open to people on social media and you will not need to set it up.

All slots have been signed for! See the tentative schedule.

We will post the concert schedule as soon as the performers that take up these slots are added to it.

If you miss out, we will be having open filk at the end of each days scheduled programming. We ask that those that have concerts understand that we will be giving those that didn’t, first dibs in the open filks.

Regards, and stay safe.