FilKONtario 29 Update

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Local Guide

We are planning a guide to nearby stores, eateries, etc. so if you have any suggested additions in the downtown Markham area, please pass them on to any Concom member or via e-mail to filkontarioinfo AT gmail DOT com.

Concerts! Concerts! Concerts!

FilKONtario always has LOTS of concerts and we’ll post the concertees here as we add them so stay tuned.

The Filk Hall of Fame Banquet

As always. Filk Hall of Fame inductees will be announced at the Hall of Fame Banquet at FKO. Nominations for 2019 have closed but check the Hall of Fame Page and nominate worthy filkers for next year.

Who’s Coming?

Due to privacy concerns, we only display the first letter of the surname, plus given name, province or state or country, and whether or not you have reserved a banquet ticket.

Pre-Registration has closed. The list of people Pre-Registered for FKO is here.

If your name does not appear on this list, and you expect it should, then please contact Dave by e-mail to: (fkoreg AT gmail DOT com)