Zander Nyrond – 2000

has been a fixture of English filkdom for over ten years. He is an awesomely prolific writer of songs, both original and parody, and without a doubt he has a very efficient and fruitful relationship with the English lexicon. His words are always well crafted, memorable, and powerful. He draws on a wide range of sources and handles each with attention and depth. He has done translations of German songs, and is noted for being a “speed-filker”. “Sam’s Song”, which he co-wrote with Sam Armitage, has become the de facto anthem of British filkdom and received the British “All-Time Great” filk award. His a capella rendition of it at each filk con does not leave a dry eye in the room.

Zander is a MIDI maven. His concert sets make use of elaborate sequenced arrangements. He has done sound engineering on his own projects, and not only encourages people to sing but also to record. He has released several tapes, including The Filk of Human Kindness, and a shared project with Talis Kimberley, Ancient Sky/The Toad. He has been a producer or guest artist on many other releases.

He was an Interfilk guest at OVFF in 1993.

Zander co-chaired the fifth and ninth British Filk conventions, as an inspirational, rally-the-troops, spokesperson type of leader. He writes for two British filk zines, WiGGLe and FilkLore.

Twice a year since 1995, he and his wife, Janet, have hosted Nycons. A Nycon is an extended, sleep-over housefilk and social gathering in their home, that supports and nurtures the filk community.

For these contributions to filk music and the filk community, Zander Nyrond is inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame this First Day of April, Two Thousand

RIP 2019