FilKONtario 28 Update

We want you to know that we are having a hotel issue.  The hotel we have used for the last sixteen years has changed management.  When we sought a contract for the coming year, they stalled for weeks, then presented us with a “deal” that would cost us four times what we paid for 2017.  To cover that we’d need to increase membership by far more than would be sensible.  So we have been looking for another hotel.  To date we have found very little space available.  Some of that is just not what we expect for our members.

We have leads, and the search continues.  We do not want to change the date of the convention.  Some of you have already made travels plans.  Many hotels have offered a week before or after the one we picked (Apr 20-22) so we could change easily.  The compromise may be in a location distant from where it has been.

For those who drive, this is not a big deal, but it may cause a challenge for those flying in.  For this we are sorry.  We will do the best we can to help you find transportation, but cannot do that ourselves.

Nonetheless we suggest that you postpone making reservations or travel plans for the time being.  When we have a firm commitment, you will get a very excited e-mail from us, we promise.  You are the people who have supported our convention and we treasure that support.  The committee makes the event, but it’s you who attend who make it a wonderful weekend.

From the FilKONtario Concom

Alan, Dave, Gaby, Judith, Ken, Morva, Peggi, and Sally

Filk Hall of Fame Nominations

Nominations for next year will close 6 January, 2018.


Who’s Coming?

Due to privacy concerns, we only display the first letter of the surname, plus given name, province or state or country, and whether or not you have reserved a banquet ticket.

Pre-Registration is open. The list of people Pre-Registered for FKO will be here.

If your name does not appear on this list, and you expect it should, then please contact Dave by e-mail to: (fkoreg AT gmail DOT com)

FilKONtario Flyer

Here’s a pdf of our latest flyer.

Due Dates

Prices are cheaper until the Ohio Valley Filk Fest so register early and save!

The deadline for nominations for the FILK Hall of Fame for the 2018 Induction, at FKO28, is 2018 January 6. – email: hofdave2014 AT gmail DOT com.


Wait, why is this on the news page?  We have interesting weather, and it can’t be predicted this far ahead. You can always check the forecast from The Weather Network . It’s in ºC but there is a button at the top of the page to change it to ºF.  We hoped that moving the con a few weeks later would give us better weather. But, after all, this is Canada.