Steve Macdonald – 2006


was a professional musician who went with a friend to a con in 1992. He jumped into fandom with both feet. He found a community, and a place where he could sing the songs of SF and Fantasy that he had already been writing. The community found a highly talented performer who is enthusiastic, outgoing, and supportive.

He writes emotionally powerful songs, sometimes sad, sometimes frightening, and sometimes full of optimism. He writes about space and monsters and old movies and new relationships. He writes well and plays loudly. Steve’s contributions to filk go beyond the many songs he’s given us – some of which, like “Journey’s Done,” are sure to be filk standards for generations to come. He has won four Pegasus awards and a SAM.

Steve’s powerful tenor can fill a room, or be a gentle croon. His guitar licks are complex and proceed at lightning speed. One of the two original “Harmony Sluts”, Steve will sing and play with anyone, and he does it in such a way that, rather than overshadow weaker lead performers, he supports them and helps them sound even better.

His performances of other filkers’ songs gives them a wider audience than they would otherwise reach. His own material, and his covers, have been released on several albums of high standard. A consummate performer, Steve encourages others, and shares his secrets, through his performance workshops at conventions.

In 2001, Steve went to every filk con in the world, on his “WorlDream” tour. He organized recording sessions of filk choruses from the United States, England, Canada, and Germany to be mixed into a single recording, along with songs representing each community.

Disturbed by the lack of participation in the Pegasus Awards process, he took it upon himself to revitalize it. He vigorously promoted the awards and solicited nominations and votes far beyond their Midwest roots, achieving an international distribution of both and implemented a more rigorous set of rules for the process.

His love for the filk community is effusive and infectious. He brings his enthusiasm into everything he does. He really cares about the filking community and wants to make everyone, performer or listener, feel welcome and part of it. He has a very big heart.

For these contributions to filk music and the filk community, Steve Macdonald is inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame this first day of April, Two Thousand and Six.