FilKONtario 26

April 8 - 10, 2016 .... Three Awesome Days!

Toronto Airport West Hotel, Mississauga, Ontario

Guest of Honour: Cecilia Eng


Interfilk Guest: Batya Wittenberg


Official FKO Filk Waif: Peggi Warner-Lalonde


FilKONtario is a festival of music that is inspired by fantasy, science fiction, anime, gaming, computers, space, and many others. The musical influences run from trad folk to last week's chart-topper. Every year we spend a weekend in a hotel in Mississauga singing, listening, making friends and having a great deal of fun. Most of us stay at the hotel, but some of us commute. We have lots of concerts, music circles and free snacks in the Consuite. By Sunday evening, we are sorry it is all over. Come and find out why we love filking so much! Check out our Newbie page for more information!