Would you like to make this year’s FilKONtario a success?

The FKO ConCom seeks new volunteers to help get ready for the convention, and at con. And with the extra day of events this year we can always use even more help.

Here’s your chance to:

  • Have more fun
  • See how the con is run
  • Get to know the folks on the inside better
  • Beef up your resume
  • Earn the undying gratitude of the ConCom
  • Be thanked in the program book and at the con

If you are friendly, personable, love music and are interested in fandom, read on for the skills and positions we’d like to fill.

A. In Between Cons

  1. Design:  Do you like to design bookmarks, flyers, posters and other promotional material? We’d love one or two people with great skills, access to appropriate software, and a good eye for appealing design.
  2. Fannish Promotion:  Are you a frequent con-goer? Do you go to other fannish events? If so, can you take some flyers? What’s coming up that you will be attending? You will need access to a printer so you can print flyers yourself from an electronic version.
  3. Mundane Promotion:  We know there are many people out there who love both music and science fiction/fandom, but don’t know about us. Do you have time to find and post about FKO on web sites (e.g., events in Mississauga), or send to publications, that would help people find our event? Each one requires tweaking into different listing formats, and has different deadlines. Or are you in the city and able to put up posters or drop off bookmarks at comic book stores, book stores, music stores, etc.?
  4. Restaurant Guide: How well do you know central Mississauga? Could you update our restaurant binder and produce a list of places near the hotel, especially those open for Sunday dinner? Ability to use online map production would be wonderful! We suggest this someone with access to a car for this role, and it’s easier done with a buddy.
  5. Art: We are always open to new designs for program books covers, merchandise, logos, promo pieces and more.

B. At the Con

We have done very well in filling positions so far, and our volunteers always say they want to help again. But it’s time we had a bigger pool to draw on, so some could take a year off, and in case someone suddenly can’t attend. Assistance is always welcome and a good way to learn the role, even if you only have a few hours to spare.

  1. Song Contests:  We’d love to have two people organized ahead of time to hand out ballots, pencils and worksheets, and tabulate results on Saturday night and early Sunday afternoon. You’ll be providing results for announcement at the con, and confirming them later in an e-mail (since we aren’t really thinking about archival records during the con).
  2. Mic Ninjas:  Are you good at setting up and adjusting microphones and stage equipment? Running and taping cables? Do you have a good ear during sound checks? It’s best if a number of people are in this role, so each can relax and fully enjoy some of the concerts and one-shots.
  3. ConSuite:  Leading this is a big job, since it involves a lot of planning and shopping ahead of time as well as work throughout the con to put out food and keep the suite clean. Helpers are always welcome, including at least one with a car for last minute supply trips. The Consuitee gets a free bedroom.
  4. Children’s Programming:  Some attendees bring the family, and can enjoy FKO much more if they know their children are safe and busy for at least a few hours away from them. Toddlers, kids and teenagers need different activities! You get free pizza during the Hall of Fame banquet. It’s helpful to bring supplies and project ideas.
  5. Ops:  This catch-all phrase covers signage, stage set-up and tear-down, time-keeping, checking workshop room arrangements and whatever else comes up. Reliability, punctuality and ability to move stuff around are highly desirable traits.
  6. Car Pool Co-ordinator:  Many attendees already car pool, but newer ones may not have the connections. And especially in downtown Toronto, there are many, many people without cars. There are several public transit options, but they certainly aren’t easy for people with luggage and instruments. We would love to have someone who would set up, promote and monitor an online site or two to help drivers and passengers connect (non-commercially of course) near their homes or perhaps from Kipling subway station..

How to Apply

Send a note to Volunteer Coordinator .

Just tell us what you’d love to help with, what your availability is, what skills or experience you’d bring, and how to get in touch with you. Please don’t be offended if your desired role is taken for this year, we’ll remember you for next time.