Songwriting Contests

FilKONtario Themed Contest

The purpose of the song contest is to encourage the creation of new filk songs and increase the number of active song writers in the filk community.

2019 Topic: “Cosmic Hotels”

  • Song entries may use any interpretation of the topic.
  • The song must have been written since the announcement of the topic at the previous FilKONtario.
  • Entries may be performed in person, on a home recording, or performed by someone else (with your permission in writing or e-mail).
  • The song (or lyrics if a re-used melody) may not have been released commercially prior to being performed at the convention.
  • A printed paper copy of the lyrics must be submitted at the convention.

Entries will be judged by the convention attendees based on criteria below:

  • Does the song fit the topic?
  • Do the lyrics rhyme, scan, and make the point?
  • Is the melody interesting; does it fit the lyrics?
  • Does the song work as a whole?
  • Are both lyrics and melody original?
  • Is this a different take on the contest topic?

There will be a sign-up sheet for available slots at the registration area on Friday evening.


Penguin Award Contest

Every year we run this fun little contest. You get to write a song using some words that our delightful conchair selects. Here’s a hint, one of the words will be “penguin”!

  • Get your list of words/rules from registration on Friday
  • Write the song, using either an original or previously loved melody
  • Perform, or arrange for someone to perform, the song on Sunday.

The finalists will be asked to perform the song for final judging by the con.