Programming at FilKONtario 29

This year’s Pocket Program

The FKO 29 Pocket Program Grid will be here.

A downloadable copy of the complete program book will be here after the con so that we don’t give away any secrets.

Hall of Famehofsmall

The Filk Hall of Fame activities are the signature events at FilKONtario, including the banquet, formal induction of new members, and Hall of Fame concert. This year will be the 24th Annual Hall of Fame Induction.

The Jury for the Filk Hall of Fame (representing all the filk cons in US, Canada, UK and Germany) will decide who will be inducted each year, based on your nominations. Their decision is final. Three new members of the Filk Hall of Fame are usually inducted each year. The new members will be introduced at the banquet, and honoured in song at the Hall of Fame concert on Sunday.

Please see the Hall of Fame pages for more detailed explanations.


The Hall of Famers are inducted at a banquet in their honour during FKO. Get banquet tickets when you pre-register. There are often a few left for purchase at the con but by when you register to be sure.


If you indicate that a vegetarian option is needed, we’re happy to oblige. Note that we cannot guarantee this option AT the con, but we will try to do so. The prices are on the pre-reg page. This will be at our cost; we don’t make any money on the banquet, and Concom members pay for their own dinner. Don’t forget – the price we charge you includes taxes and tip, so it works out to a fairly reasonable cost for a great meal, and the joy of seeing friends inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame!


Again this year we have a great selection of exciting Workshops for everyone.

Watch this space for workshops as we confirm them.


Apart from our official Guests this year, there will also be several wonderful feature concerts. Check back for updates


And somewhere in all this there will be lots of one shots, song contests, and open filks for everyone to take part in .


  • Each year we have a FilKONtario featured, themed songwriting contest, topic chosen by the incoming conchair, with one year to write the song. The contest is generally held on Saturday evening. This year’s topic: “First Contact”. Please see Songwriting Contest for more details.
  • The Penguin Award Songwriting Contest will be awarded Sunday. For the Penguin Award, members are given a selection of words by the conchair at registration on Friday evening. They have two days to write a song that includes ALL those diabolical insane sadistic difficult words somewhere. Debut your song on Sunday. Get a penguin.

Interfilk Auction

Okay, I just have to comment on the Interfilk auction. I’ve been to lots of cons, and lots of auctions. Most are a bit, shall we say, boring? The auctioneer begs, the crowd sits in strained discomfort. Yeutch. Not our Interfilk auction!!! If you haven’t been to one, please do yourself a favour and come and see ours – it’s part of the entertainment schedule, because it’s so much fun! Just look at all the smiles in the photo! It’s always that exciting!

Donations will be received at the back of the main room, by an Interfilk rep.

You can pay in Canadian or U.S. dollars, and you can also use PayPal if you prefer! (PayPal charges will be added to your total.)


Tag your item with a silent auction tag noting:

  • Your name
  • What the item is (you’d be surprised…)
  • A description (unreleased recording, moon rock, photo of…)
  • Minimum bid
  • Retail price, if applicable

InterFilk directors will decide which items should go directly to voice auction. Otherwise, a minimum of five, or possibly seven bids sends an item to voice auction.


Here Dave Hayman is wenched by Kathleen, Erica, Judith, Jodi, Heather, Debbie and Allison.


A one-shot is a chance for you to get up on the stage and sing one song. Just one. Many of us start out that way and it is a worthwhile experience.

There are usually 12-15 one shots held during the concerts Friday and Saturday afternoons. A sign-up sheet will be available at registration from Friday evening. Some overflow may be available, but not guaranteed. Check our videos page for a one-shot by Suburban Travesty, that had the whole audience roaring!

Open Filking

At least four rooms will be open at night, and at least one room (other than the concert room) during the day. Plus we have lots of room in the halls to spread out.

Theme Filks

If you’d like to host an open filk with a theme, you can sign up for that at registration.