Filk Hall of Fame

The Filk Hall of Fame Story

The Concom felt that we should share Volker’s acceptance speech from the Induction Ceremony in 2013 and Mark Bernstein’s from 2016 as examples of what the Filk Community is all about.

The Filk Hall of Fame honours a group of individuals who have contributed to Filk over the years.  Some are performers whose names are on CD’s in nearly every filker’s collection.  Others are organizers, or facilitators, or people who helped filking grow. HoFplaque

Read the citations to understand why these people have been chosen to be honoured by their peers.  The history page explains how the Filk Hall of Fame came into existence, and how it is run today. Click on one of the links above to view the Hall of Fame Inductees either by the year of induction, or in an alphabetical list.

In 2003 Barry and Sally Childs-Helton gave such stirring acceptance speeches that we have included them here – please read “This is My Tribe”.

If you know someone who deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, please send in a nomination – it is only through the nominations that individuals can be inducted, as the judges’ votes are based solely on the information in a person’s nomination.

For more information, please see the Nomination Info page. You can submit your nomination online, or email hofdave2014 AT gmail DOT com no later than 2019 January 7 using the handy text form.

2019 Hall of Fame Jury

Concertino (Boston area) Ben Newman
CONtrapunkt (Germany) Katy Droge-Macdonald (1)
OVFF (Columbus area) Mark Peters (2)
Conflikt (Seattle area) Rick Weiss
GAFilk (Atlanta area) Rob Wynne
31-ET (British) Jackie Mitchell (1)
Consonance (San Jose area) Chris O’Halloran
DFDF (Germany) Steve Macdonald (1)
FilKONtario (Toronto area) Judith Hayman (3)
(1) Spokesperson for Concom
(2) Spokesperson for group of Concom members
(3) Spokesperson for Concom (excludes FHoF Administrator)