FilKONtario Dealers’ Room & Filk Bizarre

The Dealers Room at FKO has three components: Dealers in varying merchandise, con sales and the unique “Filk Bizarre” for selling goods on consignment.


Inquiries go to filkontarioinfo AT gmail DOT com, where the ever charming Peggi will answer your questions. Or download our current dealers’ package in PDF.


Note that anyone needing to clear merchandise through customs and travelling by car, van, etc., must cross at Queenston/Lewiston, Buffalo/Fort Erie, Sarnia/Port Huron, or Detroit/Windsor. You cannot clear merchandise at Niagara Falls.

Con Sales

From time to time we feature a convention t-shirt, bag, mug or other commemorative item. Currently there are small amounts of back issues available. Look for them in the dealers’ room. This year’s main offerings are on the Sales page.

Filk Bizarre

Got a CD? An instrument? Some cool SF books? Music or SF themed jewellery? Sell it here on consignment with the Filk Bizarre. We charge 10% of sales up to the value of a table. You relax and enjoy the con. No more than 1/4 of a table in merchandise per vendor. Items must be priced and are displayed at the discretion of the head of dealers. Please let us know if you wish to take advantage of this at least 1 week before the con so we can arrange table space.