FKO Documents

FKO documents are scattered all through the web site, but if you’re looking for something specific you’ll find it here.

Progress Reports

FKO 29 Progress Report 2

FKO 29 Progress Report 1

FKO 28 Progress Report 3

FKO 28 Progress Report 2

FKO 28 Progress Report 1

FKO 27 Progress Report 3

FKO 27 Progress Report 2

FKO 27 Progress Report 1

FKO 26 Progress Report 3

FKO 26 Progress Report 2

FKO 26 Progress Report 1

Flyers, Program book etc.

FKO 27 Pocket Program Grid

FKO 27 Program Book Content

FKO 26 Pocket Program Grid

FKO 26 Program Book Cover

FKO 26 Program Book Content

FKO 26 Flier


Registration Form

Who’s coming to FKO 26?


FKO 27 dealers’ package (Coming soon!)

FKO 25 dealers’ package

Historical documents

FilKOntario history

FKO 25 Pocket Program Grid

FKO 25 Program Book Cover

FKO 25 Program Book

FKO 24 Pocket Program Grid


FilKONtario Code of Conduct

FilKONtario Privacy Policy

Filk friendly conventions

FKO26 Songbook as PDF

Songbook zip of Text files

Songbook zip of Chordpro files