Gary Anderson – 1999

was largely responsible for bringing the modern generation of filk to southern California. Gary discovered filk at Discon II in 1974. He gathered the names and addresses of everyone at a Westercon around 1978 or 1979. He found people willing to hold house filks and sent notices out to the names on his list. This group eventually became the Los Angeles Filkers Anonymous (LAFA). His mailing evolved into a newsletter, which in turn became the Philk Fee Nom Ee Non, published by his good friend Paul Willett.

As a filker and a costumer, he attended a truly unimaginable number of conventions. He helped to start ConChord, served on its concom in the early years, including serving as its conchair. He has been an extraordinary supporter of filk and speaker-to-concoms, helping filk to make the transition from the lobby or hotel room to function space and even getting listed in program books.

Without his drive and enthusiasm, the filk community might not be what it is today. He helped create the environment in which ConChord, Philk Fee Nom Ee Non, The Filking Times, DAG, and Wail Songs could thrive. He helped finance tape projects. He was a very good guitarist, although not known as a singer. He was also a filk artist. His whimsical frog cartoons frequently graced the pages of Kantele and the Philk Fee Nom Ee Non, as well as a variety of tape covers. He had the gift of smoothing ruffled feathers that often occur in fannish politics.

Gary was one of the founding directors and officers of Interfilk , serving as its clerk until his death in 1998.

For these contributions to filk music and the filk community, Gary Anderson is inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame this twenty-seventh day of March, nineteen hundred and ninety-nine.

RIP 1999